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KHS Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment & Returning Student Transfers

Open Enrollment Transfers

Kennedale ISD offers selective openings to out-of-district transfer students in grades 1-12. The number of transfers accepted under this provision will be determined based on class size, staffing needs, and available space. Campus Administration will review all applications to determine eligibility and grant final approval. All documentation must be uploaded individually with the application for review. For more information on the KISD Open Enrollment program, please see Board Policy FDA (LOCAL).   

Returning Student Transfers

All KISD campuses offer returning student transfers to a resident student who was enrolled during the previous school year and becomes a nonresident during the course of the school year or Summer Break.  Parents may request their student continue in attendance in a District school, regardless of whether the campus is open for transfers, by filing an application for transfer each school year. Transfers shall be granted for one regular school year at a time. Campus Administration will review all applications to determine eligibility and grant final approval. KISD school records will be reviewed with the submitted application. For more information on the Returning Student Transfer program, please see Board Policy FDA (LOCAL).   


  • Open Enrollment program applications must be completed online, including the submission of the following required documents:
    • Academic Report Cards or Transcripts
    • Attendance records
    • Discipline records
    • State Assessment Records
  • Returning Student Transfer program applications must be completed online, but do not require additional documents to be submitted.

To apply, please visit

Application Standards

  • Criteria for this approval will be based on the student's academic, discipline, and attendance history as well as the student’s state standardized testing performance.
  • Students that currently attend a private, parochial, or home school setting will be required to take the most recent grade equivalent STAAR released assessment or equivalent assessment measure based on grade level for students.
  • This includes students at grade levels that do not take the STAAR test.


  • All students accepted to attend KISD through the Open Enrollment or Returning Student Transfer program shall be required to provide their own transportation to and from school.


  • Transfers may be tuition-based, but hardship waivers are available. 

 UIL Participation

  • Students who participate in UIL junior varsity and ninth-grade athletic teams, as well as academic and music events such as debate, band, or choir, will be immediately eligible to participate in those same events in Kennedale ISD.
  • Non-resident students participating in high school varsity athletics must be enrolled in Kennedale ISD for the entire calendar year before they are eligible to compete.
  • Students who move from one high school to another must submit a PAPF letter and are subject to District Executive Committee review.
  • The only exception to participating at the varsity level is if the transfer student applies for and is granted a UIL Parent Residence waiver.
  • For more information, please visit