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The Health Science Career Cluster teaches students about planning, managing, and providing therapeutic services, diagnostics services, health informatics, support services, and biotechnology research and development. To pursue a career in the health science industry, students should learn to reason, think critically, make decisions, solve problems, and communicate effectively. Students should recognize that quality health care depends on the ability to work well with others. In addition to becoming CPR certified, students in the Health Science Career Cluster have the opportunity to earn industry certification including Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), and Microsoft.


Students at Kennedale High School have the opportunity to take courses in the Health Science cluster by following a career cluster pathway below. Students who complete a coherent sequence of at least three courses for four or more credits will earn the public services endorsement. The number of credits for each course below is indicated in parenthesis. 

 Health Science

Year 1: Principles of Health Science (1)
Year 2: Medical Terminology* (.5)
Year 3: Health Science Theory/Clinical (2)
Year 4: Practicum in Health Science I (2)


 Health Science – Kinesiology
Teacher: Joey Lucero

Year 1: Principles of Exercise Science and Wellness (1)
Year 2: Kinesiology I (1)
Year 3: Kinesiology II/Kinesiology PBR (2)
Year 4: Practicum of Entrepreneurship in Kinesiology (2)



Career and Technical Student Organziation (CTSO)