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Restorative Discipline Practices

Restorative Displine: Ideas and Possibilities

What is restorative discipline?
Marilyn Armour, Ph.D., defines restorative discipline as “a relational approach to building the school climate and addressing student behavior. The approach fosters belonging over exclusion, social engagement over control, and meaningful accountability over punishment.”

Why are we talking about restorative practices at KHS?
The Texas Education Agency recommends using restorative practices in schools in order to create more equitable discipline practices (Gerlach, Tennant & McKerlie, 2018). KHS is committed to creating a safe and supportive learning environment for all our students, and we recognize the need to grow and improve in campus discipline practices. This school year we will begin implementing ideas of restorative practice in order to consider the needs of our students, our families, and our community.